What a voice coach taught me.....

I recently spent a weekend in London at a Per Bistrow event he's a specialist voice coach from Sweden that helps singers with their voice, performing and song writing.

As an entrepreneur it really resonated with me how these creative singers are constantly training and learning to improve their skills, it seemed that they were no different to professional sports people striving to reach excellence, I have a deeper appreciation for how singers discipline themselves....... it's inspiring to see how other professionals are trying to unlock their potential.

I've copied and pasted the below from Per's home page:

“Per Bristow is the world’s most followed voice and performance coach, having helped people in 132 countries become more empowered as communicators, performers and human beings. Beyond providing training to heal and effectively improve your voice, and develop effective communication and persuasion skills, he has become known for his mind/body/spirit approach for effective learning, high level achievement and peak performance training. His training applies to musicians, artists, performers, athletes, entrepreneurs, executives and anyone who seeks to live a healthier, more creative, productive and fulfilled life”.

Per Bristow shared his learning’s and opinion about reaching peak performance for singers........ he shared his belief that it’s wrong to imply natural talent and that anything can be skilled with enough discipline and training........ as skill were not naturally gifted, frustration is closely aligned with wanting change and improvement......... he spoke about singers reaching a certain level and becoming upset with their results he suggested that relying on the same skills would always lead to the same result....... and that frustration is a prerequisite of further learning..........he helped singers and musicians to just let go and let their natural voice sing, and not to hold back if they thought their voice wasn’t strong enough compared to others......... some of the musicians were anxious and troubled to perform to an audience to share their own written songs and poetry with dread of being judged or past performances where it just didn't work....... he told many stories of being afraid, the time he didn’t ask that girl for a date for fear of rejection, not dancing in a club for the horror of looking foolish........ and also the times he had courage and just got on with it .......... He spoke to the musicians about performing and having an awareness of your whole body and mind, he shared that when he performs he understands his flow, and referred to his feelings of being anxious and apprehensive as being part of the performance......he uses this to share his story and vulnerability with the audience, he shared that when on tour or performing the same song again and again that he has to discover this weakness and authenticity....... he also urged the creative’s when looking down at the blank piece of paper to just write........ the gems will be there you just have to write the crap too. I really enjoyed my weekend, being surrounded by creative people who just want to share their voice or their music.......... it really made me think .......... this passion and desire to give selflessly, and to stand up and share who you are....... incredibly courageous.

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